The name's Kay. I love my horses & I love my boyfriend - he is my hero and I wouldn't be here without him or my horses. I have an EXTREME obsession with seals and cats, it's actually quite embarrassing. I love shooting, fourwheeling, mudding, riding, barrel racing, drawing, and photography. I'm a firefighter, hopeless romantic and an equestrian.

Day 31: a bit about your social life outside of tumblr


Day 30: 5 favorite girls names, 5 favorite boys names

Should have done this yesterday, sorry. But uh yeah, I honestly don’t have any. 

Anonymous asked: when you get engaged you should tell us the story, i bet it will be adorable

If/when it happens I am SURE I will post all about it on here haha

Guys. Guys. Guys. I just attempted a poem for the first time in my life. Does it completely suck?

It’s been well over a year and I still have a fear

The fear of losing you if you ever had a clue

If you had a clue of how many girls out there would be better for you

I’m not like them; I’m not skinny, I’m not pretty, nor graceful or smart

My mind is always racing, I’m always worried or depressed

There are girls out there without anxiety and that are way better dressed

Just to say I love you never seems to be enough,

I know I always tell you, but without you I’d be dust

You’re gentle, you’re kind and you’re always on my mind

You don’t get thanked by me as much as you deserve,

Before you came into my life I was on my last nerve

Thought I was on my last breath and going to eat my last meal,

I never really did tell them how I used to feel

Before I met you my laptop and notebooks were full,

Full of suicide notes and dark secrets I was too afraid to tell

The demons that haunted me were too deep inside,

I tried to let them out, oh god I tried

I drew with silver but it came out red,

I remember so many times wishing I was dead

Before you came in my life I was such a mess

You’ve given me safety, care and love

You’ve made me laugh and feel like for once I was enough

You’ve given me a reason and I forever want to stay;

In your arms at night and holding your hand during the day

Jonathan, I love you with all my heart

Now that I’m with you I express myself with art

The only mark you leave on me are kisses,

As a child those were my only wishes

To be loved by someone no matter what I did,

To be smiling and laughing like I was an innocent kid

You bring so much joy in my life it’s unreal,

I never knew such happiness could be real

You’ve been at my side even on the darkest of days

It makes me confident that I finally have somebody that will stay

I tell you all my secrets even the ones I’ve always hid,

You made me feel safe while you held me as I told you all I did

Once you came in my life I felt so secure,

Nothing like I have ever felt before

You are my sun, my moon, and all my stars,

My whole wide world, and that’s not taking it too far

Your hugs and your kisses feel like home,

Your arms wrapped around me, they make me feel so warm.

In the future I hope to share your last name,

I would be so lucky if your wife I became


Once you start dating someone its like, impossible to insult them

"suck my dick" ok

“bite me” hell yeah

"kiss my ass" sure

"fuck you" PLEASE